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A small excerpt from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Halloween Hour:

"Slowly, inexorably, the terror grew...In an evening that I can recall only in jittery flashes of hand-held black & white cinematography, I sewed these appalling parts together..."

Go read the rest! It's priceless.
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California Fashions Pre-1849. A nice summary that includes a few vintage images and illustrations depicting what was fashionable for women in living in California at the same. "The one thing every woman had was a large triangular shawl that was worn over the shoulders or wrapped around the head to block the sun."
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From The Renaissance Tailor: drafting a basic block pattern for recreating 16th and 17th century clothing, how to measure, and five cross cultural embroidery stitches (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for images of projects that utilize these stitches).
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How to: Make the "Tunic of St. Louis".

"The so-called 'Tunic of St. Louis' is a linen tunic housed in the treasury of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. It is said to have belonged to Louis IX."
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The Quilt Index: a searchable and categorized archive of images of American quilts from private and public collections.
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This is the way I like my churros, only without the lime. (The lime must be a newfangled fancy idea. Lime has never been offered with any of the churros I've eaten.) Suggestion: Don't try to "healthify" this recipe. Just don't. Your heart may hate you if you don't, but your taste buds will probably hate you even more if you do.
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Too sick to knit. Apparently, I have a low immune system and my kid likes bringing home viruses he finds at school. Send saltines.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a few bookmarked links you might like if you haven't got a Halloween costume yet: Instructions for growing your own horns, making a coffin purse and creating a Morticia skirt.
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How to: make paper beads! (You need a knitting needle to do this, by the way. Got one handy? ;-))
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