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How to: Make a duct tape sewing dummy, or convert a manufactured dummy to your size.

Lots of other fun things to see at this site as well, mostly in relation to costume-making for LOTR fans. Patterns (hobbits, elfs, humans), characters, and a scrapbook of costumes others have made.
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For Consomme and everyone else who'd like to try cables: It is easy! I learned how simply by following a baby blanket pattern from a book by Leisure Arts. Katharina Buss' Big Book of Knitting also has good photos and techniques (I've heard that some people check it out at their libraries in the States). Here are some other how-to links gleaned from my links page: A good intro to cabling without a cable needle and with a cable needle. I usually do smaller cables without using a cable needle, and Wendy Johnson (yes, that Wendy!) has an excellent tutorial on cabling without a cable needle.
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"Exploring the Tubular Cast-On." It's basically a summary of what may be found in Big Book of Knitting and The Knitter's Handbook on the tubular cast-on for 1/1 and 2/2 rib. Describes a technique similar to the one I use, only for 2/2 rib I don't use a cable needle. Try it!
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Make a chenille denim throw using old pairs of jeans. (Reason number 5,693 why I wish I had a sewing machine.)
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