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Check out my newest hostee as of Sunday: carrieoke's knitting blog!

(She's been working on her site since then and it's lookin' good! You gotta love someone who checks out books on css from the library.)
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I have three new hostees residing at prettyposies. Go visit them:

Enjoy :-)
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Anglo-Saxon embroidery techniques. "It is worth noting that people of the time did not seem to worry about realistic colours, and you will find blue goats, red horses and so on throughout the Bayeux tapestry. Neither did they worry if they ran out of a colour half way through a motif, they just used another shade and carried on."

And here's the Bayeux tapestry.
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Handbook of German Dress: Costume plates and illustrations of dress, hair and headdresses from the 1600s to the 1800s.
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Wow! A lot of people are interested in the tiny tank pattern. It's from Phildar's Evasion catalog, which can now be ordered online at Phildar's site. In FRENCH. If you would like a translation of this pattern, I am a professional freelance translator and can provide it for a 2.50 euro fee plus 1.50 euros postage, payable in euros via PayPal to the e-mail address noted at the foot of this page.

*Please note that I am only allowed to provide text-only translations via snail mail [is anyone out there reproducing schematics of any Phildar patterns without permission? That's a big no-no], so if you would like the schematic you must buy the catalog from Phildar. I am not yet authorized to provide, sell copies of the original or make available a print version in pdf format so those will not be included. (Want the truth? The directions are pretty straightforward, so schematics are not indispensable. I do recommend them for the beginning knitter, though.)
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I love browsing! Look at this adorable hat Clémence made, and this beaded purse that Minako made.

(Yep! Going on a vacation soon...need to find a small travel project.)
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Quick notes:

For my new "stash diving" feature, there's a button on the right-hand menu of all pages called "stash-o-mat". [I love php scripts! Took me two seconds to have that button show on all pages :-)]. That is where I'll be sharing yarns I find at bargain prices with fluffa! readers. There's a small form there so that you can be notified for updates to that page - feel free to add your e-mail address to it, but I will be reviewing that list periodically due to the number of visitors I get. If there are e-mail addresses I don't recognize I will remove them in order to avoid getting reported for sending "spam" when I send out notifications. I hate to do that, but it's happened to me before and I'd like to avoid that happening again.

Re the swatchy project (which is also something I'll be turning into an ongoing feature here; more news on that later), some people have written to me concerned that they won't make the July 15 deadline, or that their square isn't the right size, etc. Even if you're in doubt, please send the square anyway. I'm commencing sewing on July 15th, but I'm sure I'll be doing it for a few weeks. Not all squares match in size, so I will be finishing some with edgings. That means that I may still be able to use your square, so feel free to send it even if you think it is not the appropriate size or if you think it won't arrive by July 15th. Thanks!
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