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Dark Age stitch types: Illustrated instructions on doing Viking and Saxon stitches (herringbone, blanket stitch, running stitch and oversewing). Scroll down the page for more illustrations of seams and hems.
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A knit stitch dictionary for creating lace, textures and cables. No illustrations or photos but directions are clear. Neat!
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Vintage patterns and images of 1940s fashion, including sewing patterns and photos of Shirley Temple, Myrna Loy and Lauren Bacall wearing fashionable dress of the time. (You know that this kind of stuff really rocks my socks, right? Well, it does.)

P.S. I'm an enormous Shirley Temple fan. I've seen all her movies countless times and when I was a kid I had a Shirley Temple doll complete with curls, dimples and polka-dotted organza dress that I - get ready for this - gave away to a playmate for no reason other than I had misplaced my brain. And no, I'll never stop regretting it. [Diana...if you happen to be reading this, give my doll back already, dammit.]
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Dutch lace 17th century (also called "Chrysanthemum or Cauliflower lace") and a 17th century Portuguese lace border that "illustrates the biblical story in which Judith severs Holofernes' head to save her people".
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