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Here's a summary of homemade starching solutions used by women during the 1930s and 1940s - some include ingredients such as epsom salts, cornstarch, sugar, hairspray [!], and glue [!!]. (Yes, glue! I dare you to starch a garment using that glue solution, and then wear the garment for 30 minutes straight while sitting still in a plastic-backed chair in a heated room. Oh, and don't forget to take a crowbar with you to pry yourself loose afterwards.)
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Today, I stray away from textiles and focus on another aspect of fashion: Retro hair. Why? Well, because I can.

The Hair Archives has images of hairdos that are fun to browse, and includes vintage wedding looks that bring to mind "Steel Magnolias Meet Shirley Temple" and French coiffures [note the Eiffel Tower in the back?] from 1962 that are teased and Aqua Net-ted to gargantuan proportions. And if your mother wore a bubble hairdo like the blonde one on this page, raise your hand. [Raises hand.]

[link via Quiddity]
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Early Period Knitting - instructions for crossed needle knitting and the pattern for the bits of knitted fabric found by archaeologists in te 1930s, while excavating the ancient city of Dura-Europos.
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It's knitting for summer time! Alison from the blue blog has three knitalongs planned: one for a summer tank from Rowan #27, one for [*blush*] this retro striped sweater I did from Phildar's sportswear catalog last year and another top from Phildar's les essentials mode. Join in the fun and knit one of these things along with us!

(If you want to knit one of the Phildar deals but don't read patterns in French, I can provide translations of these patterns for a very small fee. I don't, however, provide just the original patterns in French or the pattern books if that's all you want - you need to get those yourself from Phildar. But if you need the translation, e-mail me and I'll help out.)
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