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Got a Phildar catalog in French? I'm currently doing translations of individual patterns from this catalog and this catalog for fellow knitters. Want one, too? Let me know!
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"Women should fight for control, not hide behind knitting needles." [Article via ChicKnits.]

I contemplated not posting anything about the above article, but quite frankly, I can't keep my fat trap shut. I mean, hiding? Images of powerless women cowering with a pair of knitting needles in hand spring to mind. Unfortunately, this person writes about knitters as if most of us have succumbed to the craft in order to avoid "fighting for control". One would think some of us never worked for Congress, clerked for a State Supreme Court Justice, or billed hours as an attorney for a top-tier law firm for a number of years. All which I've done, and more. Further, why must the stereotype that knitting is something only [and I quote] "Holly Homemakers" do to pass the time continue to be propagated? I tend to (unintentionally) burn dinner when it's my turn to make it because one needn't have taken home economics (which I never took in highschool because it was only an elective - I took the principles of mechanics and know how to take apart and put together a carburetor, missy) in order to want to KNIT.

In summary, I'm not hiding behind a few skeins of yarn as a result of peer pressure even if others are. Martha Stewart ain't popular in France and who cares what Julia Roberts does to pass the time? I'm knitting simply because I like it.

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Blackwork Embroidery Archives: Original embroidery designs inspired by needlework of sixteenth and seventeenth century England.
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Newly bookmarked: Velma's World, a fun weblog maintained by a knitter with lots of personality.
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From the Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion: Articles and patterns gleaned from women's magazines of the Edwardian and Victorian periods. There is a small section containing some interesting knitted items, including a pattern for "knitted knee caps" [!] and one for a "knitted flap for the back of corsets".
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I've linked this before, but here it is again: Instructions for the tubular cast-on, and the tubular cast-off.
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History of the Singer Sewing Shop, in timeline format with descriptions and images. And did you know that Singer partnered with a lawyer, Edward Clark, to form his company in 1851? A lawyer! If you know me at all, you know that something like that rocks my socks. (And I think I can guess correctly as to who got all of Singer's patents for him.)
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"Knitters are the same way, I think: it's a highly technical skill, involving not a little math, and requires a non-trivial investment of time and money in order to progress." (Entry for March 10, 2003)

Don't you wish that everyone had that [correct] assumption of knitters, our skills and the effort and funds it requires to practice the craft? Thank you, John.
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How to: Crochet a watermelon wedge fridgie and a watermelon throw rug. So retro 70s!
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