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The Milanese Tailor's Handbook - a collection of sketches and paintings of men and women in 16th century dress fashionable in Milan, as well as patterns drawn by the tailors who compiled the book.
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For the do-it-yourself bride: A vintage knitting pattern for a lovely, lacy wedding dress from the Minerva Style Book, 1934. (Oh, and here's a picture. Got a slip? I hope so. You might need to wear one under the dress in order to avoid being known as The Peek-a-Boo Bride.)
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Antique toy sewing machines. (I learned the basics of sewing on my little electric Touch & Sew toy sewing machine when I was about eleven years old. It even had a foot pedal! Sniff. Brings back the memories.)
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A number of people have written to me asking where an English version of the Phildar pattern I used to make my son's tweedy coat can be found. Well, right here! If you're interested in getting one, write me for details.
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I double dare you to knit this throw pillow cut-in-half hat and wear it while walking up and down the busiest street in your city for 60 minutes straight without cracking a smile or feeling like a fool.
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Antique Bobbin Lace: A collection of high-quality images of gorgeous antique lace samples with descriptions.
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An adorable pattern (in French) for knit sheep. The outer coat can be lifted so it looks like the sheep was sheared. I love it! [10/13/04: Broken link.]
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