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How to: Knit jogless stripes in the round. (Many thanks to the knitter who posted this link on knitblogs a while ago.)
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Mah-tha gives us instructions and a template to make a pretty neat sweater stocking for the holidays. And for free! (Although I'd wish she'd kill those popups. It's not like she needs the few extra cents that popup advertising could give her. Ahem.)
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Cross-stitch portrait patterns of sci-fi characters, including Spike from Buffy and Captain Picard from Star Trek: The New Generation (no Wesley, though. Surprised? I hope not). I don't cross-stitch, but I suspect there's a whole lotta work involved to get one of those portraits out.

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Feel like knitting yourself a pair of period stockings?
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Here, try cabling without a cable needle. You know you want to.
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Short row shaping for stockinette stitch on knit rows, and on purl rows by wrapping stitches. For my current cabled and ribbed project, I figured out the technique I used for shortrowing between purl and knit stitches myself (I didn't wrap stitches, I used different types of yarn overs and later knit the floats created together with another stitch) because I couldn't find explicit instructions on how to do it for anything other than stockinette stitch in my reference books, but I think this method could be adapted for chart patterns as well.
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Look at this 1904 doll sweater pattern - the body of the sweater is knit in one piece, then short rows are used to create a "pouch front", resulting in the "pigeon-breasted" look that was popular during the era. Neat!
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How to: Do the two-tail cast-on and the tubular cast on for 2x2 rib (scroll to the bottom of the page) by using the "crossing stitches" method. I use the two-tail cast-on for most regular edges and the tubular cast-on for ribbing (unless the wool is too bulky or bumpy as this type of cast-on is elastic, but it creates a thick edge).
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