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The very talented Bonne Marie is sharing très cool scarf patterns. It's like Christmas, people. I myself would like to try the chenille scarf pattern - not only will it give me an excuse to nonchalantly pop into the yarn store and browse like the yarn-obsessed individual I am (I gotta buy the yarn, right?), it'll also give me a chic wrap for my neck, to boot. Thanks, Bonne!
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What? No time to knit yourself a costume for Halloween? Here, sew yourself a lycra bodysuit.
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How to: Assemble a knitted garment. (Fun, fun, fun!)
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"In a duel of flashing needles and whirring wool, [Lily] Chin, 40, beat her British rival Susan Broscoe to win the first national U.S. speed crochet contest in New York." And she did 92.5 double crochet stitches in 3 minutes, friends. I wonder how fast she would have done it if she were using those big clunky tree trunks she's holding on the cover of The Urban Knitter?

[link via eclectica]
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Feel like wrapping some short rows? Well, here you go.
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Here, make a pair of crocheted baby booties that look like Mary Janes.
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How to: Make a shawl. [Excellent site I found via a post made by the site's owner at knitblogs.]
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