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Spiffy! Fashion illustrations, images and work patterns for fine embroidery, crochet and knitting from the Godey's Lady's Book (a popular mid-19th century American magazine for women that also contained poetry and articles).
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A touch of history: Dye Recipies from the Innsbruck Manuscript. Here's a snippet on how to make black dye: "Take green nutshells and grind them together and let them rot seven days in a (stoneware?) pot, and therewith make a black dye."
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Wow...look at this step-by-step construction of a 13th century Spanish loom replica.
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Here, knit yourself a Hello Kitty doll.

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Victorian-era costume ideas for Halloween. The centaur looks like a fun idea, in spite of the fact that it requires two people to make up the costume. Good luck in finding someone willing to be the centaur's butt.
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How to: Make invisible increases. (The increase shown at the very top is my preferred increase for shaping sweater sleeves.)
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Basic Goth Sewing: D.I.Y. rags and tatters, bat wings and net skirts. If I were a Goth (or at least a Goth wannabe) with a penchant for sewing I would definitely keep this site bookmarked. (Incidentally, Halloween is next month and if you like to dress up, this would be a good place for costume ideas.)
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