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The history of the Butterick Company, founded in 1863 by Ebenezer (yes, Ebenezer) Butterick, following his wife Ellen's idea for graded sewing patterns.
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The 24 hour Blogathon is on! My favorites are and Davezilla. Look at them go!
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Here's a hand knit lace mantilla for an American Girl doll named "Josefina Montoya". And if you know me at all, you know that something like that rocks my socks.
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Need to bone up on some basic crochet skills?
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Bored? Here, make yourself a halter top out of an old beach towel.
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How to: Convert patterns to fit your knitting gauge. Last year I used it to convert a Lion Brand chunky mitten pattern so that I could make these fingering wool mittens in triple ribbing for my son when he was about 15 months old. A major change, but it worked!
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Look at this cute animal hat for babies I found while poking through Martha Stewart's site. She sure comes up with clever stuff when she's not messing around with insider trading.
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Some possible fall knitting projects for you: An adorable knit shrug (always timeless) in current season's colors, a retro poncho (although I'd lose those pom poms; they're as big as beach balls), and a really long scarf (we're talking miles long; but if you've got the time and the yarn, have a ball).
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Make a bunny from a knitted swatch! Very easy, and requires no finishing.

[Thanks very much to Bettina from Pomegranate Seeds for sending me this link!]
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If you're celebrating the Fourth of July tomorrow, have a barbecue and then knit a pair of American flag socks and a matching hat. Yes, I know we're in the middle of summer. But it'll make for an interesting way to celebrate.
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Here's a wonderful link I found at Dangerous Chunky (thanks, Carolyn!): The Vintage Pattern Project. Wonderful vintage patterns from the 30s through the 70s. I love, love, love this stuff! I'm such a wannabe retro-holic.
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