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I just got my Muench cotton yarn in the mail! I can't wait to swatch this baby, and to start knitting my next project with it. It'll be my first Rebecca pattern ever. Go me :-)
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Wearable art garments created using freeform knitting and crochet. Here are the basics of freeform, and a few examples through the gallery pages, including a knit-crochet cherry torte and cake cutter.
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How to: make felt balls.
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Here's a free pattern for a really cute little bag.
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What a cute idea for a birth announcement! No how-to instructions, but looking is good enough.
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It looks like I'll be finishing my current project soon, and my next projects are some summer tops - a camisole by Phildar and a sleeveless cabled top by Rebecca. I'll be knitting the camisole with Kim of, who will be doing it as her second knitting project ever. How fun!
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I love the Monkeysuits knit designs by Sharon Turner! The Candy Stripes outfit ranks very high on my list, by the way.
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Not too long ago I mentioned that I wished that I could knit designs from the Rebecca magazine, but lamented the fact that neither the magazine nor Muench yarns are distributed in France. Well, good things come to those who are tenacious. I found a Swiss supplier who will deliver the Rebecca with a translation in French for only 5 euros (less than five bucks) an issue (shipping included), as well as a German stockist for Muench yarns that delivers to France! What's more, the stockist is extremely nice, and being in Europe means I get the yarns at incredibly reasonable prices. People, the house is officially rocked.
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An introduction to medieval Egyptian knitting, with illustrated projects by the author.
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More beautiful antique lace edging patterns courtesy of Vintage Knits. I have a good stash of white yarn between fingering and sportweight (gauge is 6 stitches per inch on 3.5 mms), so I might knit a blanket in reverse stockinette stitch, and create a lace edging for it using the leaf pattern. Something like that makes for an excellent baby gift that I know I would have loved to receive when I had my kid!
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Beautiful antique knitting patterns dating from 1891, including rose edging, English lace, and even bedspreads! Knitting one of those is a definite reason to brag.
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Something for the mommies: Pattern for a knit baby diaper cover here, and another here (with a matching sweater). Makes for a nice shower gift, too.
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Here's a really nice site maintained by someone who knits some fabby stuff, and she's starting on some crochet work that looks great. My aunt taught me how to crochet when I was little, and I crocheted a clumsy little sweater for my stuffed monkey, but now I've pretty much forgotten all of it. During my last visit to the yarn store the owner of the store gave me a how-to-crochet instruction booklet, so I think I'll give it a whirl.
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Squib is currently knitting a lovely shell in Phil Ruban cotton by Phildar, following a pattern by the oh-so-talented Bonne Marie. If you would like to make that shell using Phil Ruban cotton but are unable to find it, I will swap it for the equivalent in value of Muench/Rebecca yarns (namely, Samoa and Soft Kid). To quote Dances with Wolves, "Good trade."
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A walking blog maintained by someone who has decided to learn how to knit! Very spiffy.
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