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Squib's latest contest is on! Neat prizes, too.
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A free pattern for a nice-looking knit shawl. I've never worn a shawl in my life, but why not start this winter? It seems like such a cosy thing to do.
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The Naked Sheep has great patterns for children's sweater and hat sets. The tulip dress and hat, in particular, made me want to yank out the needles and knit it on the spot. Adorable.
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Tara Reid's "crocheted blue and beige off the shoulder vintage granny gown". For once, the words fail to come to me.
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What a cute tote. I must try my hand at knitting accessories. There's currently a pattern available for download at Rowan's site for a small handbag that looks like fun. Only 1! That's dirt cheap for such a nice pattern.
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What a beautiful top jackie-blue has knitted! In true copycat fashion, I looked into buying the Rowan catalog so I could knit something similar, and nearly fell off my chair when I saw that they're based in nearby England. I didn't know this (yes, I know, I live under a knitting rock), but who cares? Finally! Lovely yarns and books that are within my reach at reasonable prices. Yay!
22.05.02. « | +'s a wonderful collection of historical knitting patterns gathered from 19th and early 20th century sources. Something like this baby bib, for example, makes for a nice heirloom gift.
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How to: Do the invisible increase by knitting into the stitch below. I do my increases one stitch from the edge, to make sewing the seams easier.
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I've just added some "snapshots" of a baby hat I knitted this winter to my projects page. More snapshots of past projects will be added little by little for all to see, because I like being a show off like that. Hee hee.
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How to: Do the straight stitch. I used this stitch to embroider a pair of eyes on my stuffed ostrich.
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How to: Do the cable cast-on method.
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Patterns by the knit shop that made the very sweaters and beret from the Harry Potter film. I didn't see the film myself, but those garments are fabby.

[link via willa]
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Brilliant handknitted toys by Aussie Jean. Her patterns are for sale, but it's inspiring to look. There are a few free patterns available as well, and the leprechaun is definitely my favorite. Look at his little shoe buckles!
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