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I just stumbled across this, and it's quite nice: Knitting Jewelry at Clara's Window. How fun!
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Various cast-on methods, with illustrations and detailed steps.
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How to: knit horizontal buttonholes, and vertical buttonholes. I knit vertical buttonholes on my latest project, and it looks great!
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Quick knit accessories for spring: Kerchief and little bag. Cute! And I see a lot of ways to modify these patterns to suit one's tastes.
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Carolyn shared some great felt-related links yesterday. Here's another I found: An illustrated article on the felt making process.
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Among many other things, an article on painting on knits as a unique embellishment option.
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Crochet? Here's an adorable pattern for a retro pillbox hat. Footnote: I was struck by the physical resemblance of the model to my own mother when she was in her twenties. Eerie!
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I have to find a reason to try out this "Lily of the Valley" cable. I'm not too keen on the idea of using it for a sweater, though. Baby blanket, maybe?
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"The Hook and the Book" - The Emergence of Crochet and Knitting in American Popular Culture (1840-1876).
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