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Excellent knitting tips from Stitch Guide, and there are a few that I hadn't heard before, including the tip related to giving knitted items as gifts.
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If you've got liquid detergent, a cake pan, and about 30 minutes of free time you can make your own felt from washed wool.
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Envy those knitters who yank out their knitting and start clicking away with a pair of fancy needles? Here's an idea...make your own handmade wooden knitting needles. Make a pair for me, too. Thank you kindly.
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Fancy a pair of handknit stockings not unlike those worn by Queen Elizabeth I? Well, here you go.
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Fashion doll knits, including "two piece working girl" dresses. Oh, to have a doll. Or better, to be one and wear those fabby threads.
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Vintage knitting patterns for wedding dresses. Cool beyond words? I think so.
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