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November 2013

[PDF Knitting Pattern: Boyfriend Hat]

October 2013

August 2013

[Knitting Pattern: Loose Braids Chunky Cabled Cowl] [Knitting Pattern: Cabled Beanie or Cabled Slouch Hat] [Knitting Pattern: Chunky Cabled Cowl] [Knitting Pattern: Gigi Slouch Hat]

May 2009

[Facebook: TortillaGirl] [The Boss of You & TortillaGirl Profile]

October 2008

[Just got on twitter!]

September 2008

[Chic Knits Basic Chic Hoodie]

April 2008

[Marnie MacLean's Astoria]

February 2008

[Needle Felted Dogs]

August 2007

[On the blogs: Ogee Lace Skirt] [Kim Hargreaves: Thrown Together]

July 2007

[trunkt] [ChicKnits Disco Inferno] [Kim Hargreaves Summer Breeze] ["Emma's Hat"]

May 2007

[Hogwarts Sock Swap] [E.Z.'s Rorschach]

April 2007

[Flickr Set: Toys and Dolls]

March 2007

[Softie Awards] [Sneaker baby booties]

February 2007

[Cool knit] [Make your own journal] [Kim Hargreaves Shades of Pale] [Yarn ball dolls.] [Amigurumi] [Viking Garb.] [Fashion 1920s] [Photos for costume inspiration.]

January 2007

[Maria Felix photo slideshow.]

November 2006

[Blogrolling.] [1940s images]

October 2006

[Seen on a blog: 1960s knit jacket] [Knitted Guy, Fully Dressed on flicr]

September 2006

[Kim Hargreaves Light and Shade] [Blogrolling: Fall Cable KAL 2006.] [Amigurumi!] [Evolving Fashion Trends in Japan]

August 2006

["Knitted Babes"] [Sketch to Dress.] [Costume History : Metropolitan Museum of Art] [Vintage Textile Gallery : 1920s] [Costume History: Shawls of Paisley Design] [Sewing: Singer's Stitch Reference] [Knitting Fall 2006] [Scary vintage pattern.] [Handmade apron]

July 2006

[Island of Misfit Patterns]

June 2006

[Crochet Cupcake Pincushion] [Cupcake pincushions.] [Gem Sweater Museum]

May 2006

[Knit motorcycle.]

April 2006

[Cool patterns for sale from knitwear designers.] [Blogrolling: Check out these stockings!] [Kitty Slippers]

March 2006

[Paper Dolls] [1943 paper doll.] [Eggs in Hats]

February 2006

[Kim Hargreaves Spring 2006] [Rowan does Pirates of the Caribbean.] [1940s Undies] [Sock Knitting Tutorial]

January 2006

[Space Invaders Tote Bag.] [Stamp necklaces]

December 2005

[Crochet toy patterns.] [Victorian D.I.Y.] [Orlando Bloom paperdoll.] [Holiday goodies.] [Hot water bottle covers.] [Christmas origami.] [Kitty dolls.]

November 2005

[Homemade paper.] [1952: How to make hats] [Fashion: Two for the Road] [Amanda Woodward Illustration]

October 2005

[Photo: Bobbin Lacemaker] ["Mode et chemises"] [Everyday gadgets from the '20s.] [Cloth Dolls by Sonia Brock]

September 2005

[] [Kim Hargreaves]

August 2005

[Sewing: Wall Organizer] [How to: Fabric lining] [Button Dictonary.] [Weblog surfing: Ei's Butterfly] [Other blogs: "Ms. Spider's Tea Party".] [Sewing: Tailored Trousers.]

July 2005

[Free lace.]

June 2005

[Humor site: Threadbared.] [Silvia's Sewing Gallery] [Shopping in Paris.] [Lana Grossa's Summertime 2005.]

May 2005

[Paris Bathing Dress.] [Debbie Bliss Cathay]

April 2005

[StorTrooper fun.] [Non-knitting: Cardboard masks.]

March 2005

[Tokyo Street Style] [Ugly 80s Sweater Gallery.]

February 2005

[Tailor's weblog.] [Virgin of Guadalupe Embroidery.] [Paper Dolls] [Knit trends.] [Lucky Clover Knitalong.]

January 2005

[Gedifra 51] [Ribby Cardi Gallery] [Hello Kitty Knitalong.] [Fry Up! Knitalong.] [Jen's Rosa from Rowan 25.]

December 2004

[Free knitting videos.] [Weblogrolling: Kitschy Christmas stitches.] [Victorian Needle-book.] [Regency costume companion.] [Fashion figures for designing.] ["13 ways of looking at Clapotis"] [Florentine dress, 1500s.]

November 2004

[Images from Minerva Style Book 1934.] [Crochet Boa.] [Ribby Cardi!] [Thanksgiving crafty.]

October 2004


September 2004

[Bloglines.] [SPIII] [Design 25, Rebecca 27.] [Snaps!] [Piņatas!] [iPod cozies] [MAN-along] [Elizabeth I's Seal Purse.] [WOW!]

August 2004

[Peppermint Twist!] [Knit doll!] [Japanese Graphical Knitting Charts.] [Poncho Generator] [Highlights!]

July 2004

[Bra bag] [Wristlets] [More R2] [Knitblogger's paper hoodie.] [Combined knitting, yet again.]

June 2004

[Phildar's free pattern.] [Cute!] [Mini tea set.] [Jewelry making - coronets.] [Chinese knotting.] [Hello Kitty Sweater.] [Felt projects.] [Historical knitting.]

May 2004

[Crochet patterns, cowgirl belt.] [Jewelry making.] [R2]

April 2004

[Crochet sculpture and masks.] [Tolkien Embroideries.] [Funky crochet.] [Teeny fashion.] [Platypus Dreams]

March 2004

[Garment construction.] [Converting sweater patterns.] [Celebrity knitting.] [Combined knitting.] [Totes.] [Design inspiration: vintage images from] [This Is Blythe]

February 2004

[Chocolate.] [Vintage knitting.] [Miscellaneous project.] [Tatted Fan.] [Mitten patterns.] [Temari - The Art of] [Dishcloth boutique.] [Conversation heart swag.] [Yarn art.] [Free pattern.]

January 2004

December 2003

[Hats and scarves.] [Alien spaceship pattern.] [Scarf pattern.] [Felted Art.] [Woven Christmas Hearts] [Penguin sweaters.] [Sideways gloves.] [Gingerbread fun.] [Fair Isle.] [Pasteboard doll.]

November 2003

[Knitted fractals.] [craftster] [Combined knitting.] [Animated knitting techniques and knitted toys.] [D.I.Y.]

October 2003

[Scary knitting.] ["After the rodeo, they danced all night."] [Historical fashion.] [Article of misquotes.] [Tunic of St. Louis.] [The Quilt Index: a searchable] [Churros!] [Halloween!] [Paper Beads.]

September 2003

[LOTR fun stuff, and how to make a duct tape dummy.] [Cables!] [Serafimov.] [More tubular cast-on.] [Chenille Denim Throw]

August 2003

[Kilt Hose.] [Stuck in the 70s.] [Evolution of the kilt.] [Original Halloween costume.] [Free patterns.] [Watermelon dress.] [Les Anciens Tricots.] [Vintage knitting.]

July 2003

[Viva la pretty posy!] [New blogs!] [Bayeux tapestry and anglo-saxon embroidery.] [Historical fashion.] [Jazz Age Slang.] [Tiny Tank!] [Historical fashion.] [Gossamer Lace.] [Cute knitting!] [Knitting with chenille.] [Quick notes.]

June 2003

[Historical stitches.] [Knit Stitch Dictionary.] [Historical fashion.] [Period lace.]

May 2003

[Fabric stiffeners from the past.] [Hairdo archives.] [Historical Knitting.] [Knitalong!]

April 2003

[Put on the dog.] [Retro fashion.] [Pop window code.] [Proud mommy.] [D.I.Y. Goth Fashion] [Site usability note.] [Live from Tokyo!] [Fashion history.] [Textiles at the Met.] [Web resources.] [Romanov Scrapbook.] [A weblog I like.] [Easter Egg Hat.]

March 2003

[Phildar patterns.] [Knitting = nesting?] [Historical embroidery.] [A weblog I like.] [Vintage knitting from the 1800's.] [Tubular cast-on/cast-off.] [Singer History.] [About knitters.] [Watermelon crochet.] [Historical lace-making.]

February 2003

[Il Libro del Sarto.] [Hand-knit wedding dress.] [Retro crochet.] [Toy Sewing Machines.] [Tweedy coat!] [Fashion what?] [Antique Bobbin Lace] [Knit sheep.] [How to: knit intarsia.]

January 2003

[Carnamoyle Stockings.] [Quilts in History.] [Victorian Valance.] [Crafty knitting needle tops.]

December 2002

[Gothic Martha Stewart.] [Fairy tales.] [Ruffs!] [Kim's ornaments.]

November 2002

[Jogless stripes.] [Sweater stockings.] [Cross-stitch patterns.] [Knitting period stockings.] [Cables without a cable needle.] [Short row shaping.] [1904 doll sweater.] [Two-tail cast-on.]

October 2002

[Scarfmania!] [Sew a catsuit.] [Garment assembly.] [Lily Chin, Speed Crochet Queen.] [Short row wraps.] [Crocheted baby booties.] [Make a shawl.]

September 2002

[Godey's Lady's Book.] [Ancient Dye Recipes.] [13th Century Spanish Loom.] [Hello Kitty Knitty.] [Victorian Halloween costumes.] [Bobbin Lace.] [Invisible increase.] [D.I.Y. Goth Fashion.]

August 2002

[Cate's Garage Sale Finds.] [What a cute hat.] [Knitted Lace List.] [Vintage pattern books.] [Runway fashion.] [Free poncho pattern.] [Free knitting patterns for baby clothes.] [Tubular cast-on.]

July 2002

[History of the Butterick Company.] [Cavalcade of Bad Bridal Fashion.] [Blogathon.] [Lace mantilla for American Girl doll.] [Crochet basics.] [Beach towel turned halter top.] [Converting knitting patterns to gauge.] [Animal hat for babies.] [Free patterns for Fall.] [Knitted bunny.] [American Flag Socks and Hat.] [Mattress stitch.] [Vintage Pattern Project.]

June 2002

[Muench yarn!] [Freeform knitting and crochet.] [Felt balls.] [Free bag pattern.] [Yahoo article on knitting.] [Seaming.] [Knitted birth announcement idea.] [Projects in planning.] [Whimsical Monkeysuits!] [Muench yarns and Rebecca magazine shall be mine!] [Ancient Egyptian Knitting.] [Lace Edgings.] [Antique knitting.] [Diaper covers and matching sweaters.] [Knit a swatch to determine your gauge.] [Spiffy knitter's site.] [Phil Ruban, bay-bee.] [Nature.]

May 2002

[How to build a frame loom.] [Squib's contest.] [Cute shawl.] [Baby goat sweater.] [Children's patterns.] [Celebrity vintage granny gown.] [Knitting accessories.] [Rowan yarns and patterns.] [Historical knitting.] [Invisible increase.] [Baby hat.] [Straight stitch.] [Cable Cast-On] [Cute sweaters.] [The girl!]

April 2002

[Fun crafty idea for knitters!] [How to...] [Cast-on methods.] [Buttonholes.] [Spring accessories.] [Felting really looks like fun.] [Painting on knits.] [I must learn to crochet.] [Lily of the Valley cable.] [Vintage knit and crochet.] [Online knitting exhibition.]

March 2002

[Knitting tips.] [Felting!] [Handmade wooden knitting Needles.] [Elizabethan handknit stockings.] [Fashion doll knits.] [Vintage knit wedding dresses.]

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